“This is Indian food for me, not Chinese”, exclaimed a Dutch guest in an Indian restaurant.

A friend’s family asks for ‘Indian Chinese food’, on a holiday to India from Thailand. They’ve been missing it so much.

There was a ‘Boycott Chinese’ wave in 2020, when the world held China responsible for the pandemic.

Consumption of Chinese food showed no decline. 

I understood the meaning of localization and adaptation only then. It happens when a person or item is identified by skin color, name or appearance as belonging to a particular nation.

Beneath that, lifestyles and mindsets have completely blended.

Written for Friday Fictioneers


35 thoughts on “Blended

  1. Reena, I think how much that is true depends on which mass media outlets an individual focuses on, or whether they pay attention to (including having access to) it. In some respects I see a growing “top crust” that pretty much ignores our commonalities. A unified global population has to scare the hell out of the powermongers.

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      1. Reena, have you heard of or read the book, “Everybody Lies”? The author studied the contrast between what people verbalized and what the algorithm said they were actually doing. It was *very* interesting!

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  2. Dear Reena,

    That’s a little like putting Japanese Americans in camps because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor isn’t it? Never lost my love of Chinese food, even during the Pandemic…or Vietnamese or Indian or Japanese….etc.



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  3. I remember going into the local asian grocer during the pandemic. The looks of fear on their faces… it broke my heart. I tried my best to counter with cheerfulness and smiles. I bought more than I usually do, and left with my heart in prayer. So sad how people treat people.

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      1. True that. Now, when I go in, I get smiles and nods. I try to get there at least once a month when I can afford it. I’ve a fondness for some things I can only get there.

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