Mornings break or make

I have a set of four quadrilles for the Quadrille#158 prompt at dVerse

he drives past a red light
is penalized
thinks it’s less gruesome
than facing the monster boss
a few minutes later

He thinks of his beautiful house
and then the EMI
which makes him stick to the job
pretend to worship
his monster boss

an endless day
stretches before him
not knowing what to do
he never found time
to discover himself
learn new things
shrugged it all off
as luxury of the idle

retirement was imminent
like death
but he refused
to see life in the eye

It’s a good morning
-a pat on the back
for a slide deck
and the launch email
for a new rehash

creativity longs
for different platforms
to express my core

mornings galore,
but life will begin
when the sun rises
in a different way..

who says moonlighting
is cheating
it lets me choose
what I want to do
not for a living
but satisfy a calling

who says one works
to be loyal, and
be paid for that

At sunset, I start work
to build the next morning

23 thoughts on “Mornings break or make

    1. Some companies don’t leave a choice. And holding the job gets you identity, respect and social acceptance.

      I remember how family members fumbled in introducing me to someone, after I quit the job. They could not relate to what I’m doing, and ended up saying ‘former ….’.


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