For My Benefit

For my benefit ….. by Ken


For My Benefit

Would I be that person again?
Am I not, still?
You speak, perhaps to me.
I am here, yet I was there,
then. But this is now.

Separation. Time.
Analog or digital, there is familiarity
in all you say, all you do.

The fourth wall cannot prevent
memories from surfacing
as I watch them unfold before me.

Starting this weekend, I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, traveling. My writing in the past week has been limited by a particular preparation for the trip. I have more than 50 hours of home videos on VHS tape, some from as far back as 1990, that I am converting to digital. I hope to share some of that with my children when I see them at a family gathering that will be a part of this trip.

Hopefully, 3,00 miles behind the wheel will provide some inspiration.


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4 thoughts on “For My Benefit

  1. Oh what a lovely process, cataloguing the moments of a lifetime… The older I get, the kinder I am with those younger versions of me. She needed the wisdom I’ve painstakingly acquired. She needed the self-acceptance I’ve found along the way. I talk to all those versions me nearly every day and let her know I’ve got her back, now. I hope your trip is productive and your family reunion joyful…🙏💕

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