Technology was easy while working in a corporate environment. There was always an IT guy to solve problems.

The trouble started with my independent venture. A guy who posed as a ‘startup mentor’ managed to sell me AWS credits for INR 100,000. I came to know later that his business was to get free credits for startup enthusiasts from companies in the Silicon Valley, and sell them to gullible fools like me.

AWS is a complex server, and I had trouble finding someone to manage it. I managed to find a very helpful guy, but decided to switch to Digital Ocean, which is much cheaper compared to AWS.

My website is hosted on WordPress. I’ve learnt quite a lot in the last two years, yet there are certain things that continue to flummox me. Finding a good freelancer to work at reasonable rates is a continuing challenge.

I stayed in my husband’s hometown for 5 months, carrying a handy Macbook with me. Unfortunately, I forgot the password to the Dell I left at home, and that remains locked. I’m on my third laptop, again a Dell, but have learnt to store data online in Google Docs and email, instead of locking it up in files stored on hard disks.

I don’t see an immediate use for it, but would like to learn how to code, and develop apps. Drag-and-drop technology makes it feel within reach.

The hindering factors are 

  • I bought many digital marketing courses which I’ve not completed.
  • I learnt how to make sales funnels and landing pages, but am yet to use it.

Can I trust myself to implement all learning in live projects in future?

Written for Friday Faithfuls on MLMM


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