Boundless Sky

I stay fixated
on mysterious blues
boundlessness of ether
glued on the sky –
as it pulls a shroud
darkness on the day

I’m sure gods live there
to hold sun, moon, stars
clouds and winds
battles not spared
-the sky never attacks
the sky never rescinds

It’s a myth they say
you’ll hit nothingness
yet blues hold a world
divinity holds sway
cherished and chased
straightened, unfurled

It flags desire
drives ambition
-those who fly across
wear wet clouds
-hear rendition
of windsongs loud
-uncover mystery
of the Sun

middle-aged Sun falling apart
to find another path or cart

Written for Tuesday Poetics

9 thoughts on “Boundless Sky

    1. I read an article somewhere that the Sun has reached its midlife as per physicists, and started disintegrating. It will become a huge red star in the end, but that’s a long way to go 😀


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