The form of poetry chosen is Brevette

The Brevette, created by Emily Romano consists of a subject (noun), verb, and object (noun), in this exact order.    The verb should show an ongoing action. This is done by spacing out the letters in the verb. There are only 3 words in the poem, giving it the title Brevette.


l e a k s


Each of the three words may have any number of syllables, but it is desirable that the poem have balance in the choice of these words. Unlike haiku, there are no other rules to follow.


u n c o n f i n e


Written for Tanka Tuesday Poetry Prompt – Ekphrastic


37 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Hi Reena! Firstly, thank you for sharing your artwork for this challenge! It’s beautiful and inspiring.
    This new poetry form is cool. I like it. I enjoyed your little poems too.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”₯

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