Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle ….by Benjamin Pinto

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Initially planned to spend the night at the reading room on campus. Change of plans. Returning back to hostel. Out of fuel. Broke. Hours of concentration on books without food was draining me. Losing my mind.

While bypassing the International Students Hostel, I had an idea. Search through the dustbin beside the hostel. These were desperate times. It was midnight and no one would notice. There might be a dollar bill mistakenly thrown away with some disposable cups or plates.

Stealthily, I scavenge the dustbin. I was about searching through an old handbag when I noticed there was a security personnel on duty. He was seated in a dark corner of the hostel, staring straight at me. I was startled and impulsively started walking towards him, the nerves in my brain racing hard for a sensible lie to offer this welcomed pair of eyes.

When I got to him, I…

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