I met a cousin after 24 years. The last we met was at his wedding, and his daughter is 21 now. 

She is unusually friendly and eager to mingle. I’m tired after the journey, but she keeps firing questions,

“You were fond of reading in childhood, weren’t you? You spent time alone in your grandfather’s library.”

“Yeah… but how do you know that? It was long  before your birth.”

“Papa often says I’m like you.”

So, genetics were at play, while I was away.

I see another cousin or nephew not too eager to pick up phones, but are happy messaging. While I hear them being criticized for being unresponsive, I can’t bring myself up to echo the same.

I see shades of myself in them … not meeting or talking too often, but warm when we do meet, and helpful when the need arises.


10 thoughts on “Genetics

  1. second cousin, whom I met once at a family reunion, corresponded with for a few months, and then never saw again. I have 3 cousins on my mom’s side and I think 3 on my dad’s side. I talk to one on each side now usually just through messaging and social media.

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  2. Isn’t it interesting to see traits of ourselves in others even though we haven’t actually met in many years? Oh and I feel you about being tired and not too talkative.

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