Solar Suresh

I came across this image on social media today about how a house is viewed.

Then, comes an essay prompt from Jim Adams, which add one more dimension to how a house can be viewed – as a storehouse of energy, since most of our urban homes are built with bricks.

Being a tropical country, solar energy that roasts us most of the time can be put to more productive use.

So far, we need solar energy panels to power our houses. A solar-powered house can look something like this.

The house shown above belongs to Solar Suresh, and he can certainly work on better ideas like solar-powered bricks.

Just to give the exercise a creative twist, I created a blackout poem from Jim’s piece.

conventional red bricks
fired at temperatures so high
charged to hold electricity
to store energy
to directly power
become supercapacitors

with a network of fibers
move or hop
to charge up
or be connected
open microstructure
given a dual-purpose

the humble brick
new innovation

Written for Friday Faithfuls at MLMM hosted by Jim Adams


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