A remote in my hand lets me control devices. I’m happy.

How close is far, when the pandemic does not allow me to be a part of my neighbor’s joys and sorrows? Isolated by the virus, I draw closer to the world with messages and calls.

But those who are far … remain far. I can share, but feel. Warmth is to be felt in words, not touch. Vision needs a screen, if not eyeglasses.

Distance is the newest oxymoron. But wait, hybrid modes are not far behind.

It’s a new world, a new vocabulary. Realign, redesign, redefine …

Written for Story Challenge in 99 words


14 thoughts on “Remote

  1. The pandemic sped up the acceptance (necessity) of these new kinds of closeness through screened devices. I don’t always like the changing vocabulary, like “facetime” should mean time when a real face is in front of your own real face.


  2. I can see a sharp cutoff between the ages of someone who would look at this piece optimistically, and someone who looks at it with a sense of sadness. I guess it’s all progress and, in a sense, evolution, but that doesn’t make me like it (“it” = the changes, not your story!) more. I liked this line a lot: “Warmth is to be felt in words, not touch.”

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    1. I often wondered why a certain festival celebrated the birth of a deity is celebrated a month later in the South. It is perhaps because the news took a month to reach the South via a messenger. Times change. The future generations will look at our physical meetings in the same way, as I see that festival.

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