Going back

It takes a while to learn that being different is not being inadequate. Though the whole world conspires to tell you that.

Going by the norm, they are each inadequate in their own way, when they don’t measure up to my expectations. But somehow, fingers always point outward.

mirrors designed and
placed in appropriate light
reflect what they want

Another rule is that of the majority. Again, being in a majority or minority depends on the sample size and choice. Assumptions are flawed, but go unnoticed.

Have I become difficult or intolerable as the years passed? Going back in time, I notice that I was rebuked whenever I expressed a different opinion. What has changed is the level of expression, and living out a value system. The belligerence of the so-called majority around me goes up in equal or a higher proportion.

was I really born here
-dropped from another planet?
alien code not open
to be manipulated

Do I want to go back, and become silent and compliant again?

No. Consciousness that expands with a new thought is a genie which cannot be put back in the bottle.

let my soul fly
to new bodies
a new planet
with no labels
left behind to
allow movement


22 thoughts on “Going back

  1. ‘Consciousness that expands with a new thought is a genie which cannot be put back in the bottle.’ Beautiful. Somehow I can relate. Superb take, Reena. Let my soul fly… yes, indeed.

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  2. It begins so early, with things said that until maturity we believe are truth. So, long before maturity we—free in conscience—develop a resistance that brands us within the lie. Things only become more difficult after that . . . but we never go back. That is a figment of their imagination.

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