Past, Present and Future

Past, present and future …. by Myrna Migala

I Believe, BECAUSE -

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #241

A single-line prompt for this week – The only ghost that scares is a past version of you. OR SHOULD I SAY Me!

Write whatever pops up in mind.

What pops into my mind is not you but me!

When I look into my magic mirror into the past, I see myself being deceived.
"Me!  Deceived?  me What PRIDE! 

The devel can certainly deceive, IT is clever that way. But, I was so happy, carefree, young, and healthy that everything was going my way! So I thought! No, I do not want to visit that ghost, myself! My problem was allowing myself to put my will above the will of God. AND It was all my fault; (I knew better). Yet, I blamed it on the changes within the Catholic Church, how it became more and more adapted to the world, and I went along with it…

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