I tell myself – labyrinthine turns can’t psyche me
Chin up, I walk straight looking at the sky above
My feet struggle to figure out what to do next
Straight won’t take me where I want to go

Go in directions where my soul is free
there is no friction, I can plant a tree
with seeds of intellect, let new ideas emerge
every morning; whenever a wind blows

blows the world out of its stupor
gently dismantles age-old structures
lets people breathe, gives thoughts a wing
To build edifices of courage and freedom

Freedom mis-spelt, alphabets chained
Chained to create approved words
Words form dictionaries of tradition
tradition eliminates every new rite
rite of passage through a new world
worlds fall apart, if a brick moves
moves against the direction of power
Power lust fuels status quo; chains
Chains all feet to restrict wings
wings don’t help me in labyrinths
labyrinths need predetermined maps
maps of power designed as traps

Written for dVerse-MTB-Loop Poetry


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