Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Cognac Project

It’s 2013
And we’re going to Vegas
For our anniversary
He says it will be
The trip of our dreams
And even hints at
An engagement ring

I tell him I can’t wait to see
The Yellow Brick Road again.
It was my favorite attraction
At the MGM Grand
When I was a little girl.

He asks me what I’m talking about
He doesn’t remember an Emerald City
From his visit last year,
But I swear, it was here!
We walk all over the first few floors
But can’t find a trace of it.
We realize that they must have remodeled,
And gotten rid of that attraction.

So, he asks if I’m ready
To go and meet his friends
Who are here this week, too
Nervously, I say yes.
We go upstairs to party.

After a bit,
One of his friends
Wants to go play poker with “just the boys”

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