watch the orange orb go down reluctantly
as if it is still thirsty
to swallow the sky

darkening skies terrorize me with secrets
not knowing what to expect
I shut eyes to sleep

hope I don’t dream of glistening silver swords
drop like comets in the night
to tear me apart

it has been the longest day ever – waiting
-warriors on a mission
tiptoe in darkness

Will they find me before I plead innocence?
I wrote dark, macabre stuff
to sell untruth, but

stories refuse to let go of me or sleep
I will die a martyr’s death
reinvent graveyards

The chosen format is Caccia for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Challenge #Themeprompt

Theย elements of the Caccia or Catch are:

  1. known to have been composed with random 11, 7 and 5 syllable lines.
  2. usually carries a refrain at the end of the stanza.
  3. composed favoring onomatopoeia, incomplete phrases and the exclamatory statement.
  4. lyrics framed by stanza and rhyme at the discretion of the poet.

Source: poetscollective.org

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