that twitch of an eye
a broken smile….
Why does it give
A feel that I know it?

Who smiled like this decades ago?
Who reacted like this to
imagined provocations?
Who just stopped short of war
averted altercations?
It’s another era
It’s another generation…

Certain things I like
Some certainly I don’t..
Yet can’t deny….
the power of genetics..

Do perpetrators know
what’s being unleashed
Are they in control
of futures unpublished?
Would they take care of
Fractals embellished?
It’s an old science
unobserved observation

It can be criminal
or a blessing
Yet, no investigations
for proof, no forensics

6 thoughts on “Genetics

  1. This is the truth. A difficult truth though. I love how you’ve taken the idea of fractals and applied it to genes transferred by people to their progeny. Wonderful!


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