Generation gap

“I don’t see the relevance of this outdated machine being placed here.”

“It marks the beginning of an era to make villagers independent.”

“Then, it belongs in a museum.”

“I value my personal bond with the hands that operated this. It is an object of worship for me.”

“I guess, your mindset too, is a relic of the past, and ….”

“…and belongs to a museum or old age home.”

There are certain gaps that can’t be bridged. I moved away to a more amiable setting.

I hear the voices from past decades, as the pages of the book flutter.

15 thoughts on “Generation gap

  1. I absolutely agree, our past treasures are so important and a valuable link to times gone by. Having said that…When I was in Wellington, NZ, 2 weeks ago on Holiday, the old cable car I used to travel on as a teen, was in a museum too!! I sat on it and grinned. So many good times on that old rattler.

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