I recall a video by Sara Jacobovici, a music therapist. A child starts mimicking her body movements in response to music. She claims it as the moment when a connection is built, and knowing that the therapy can now move forward.

I guess it applies to so many situations – in performing arts, writing or a corporate assignment. The success lies in being asked for a repeat performance.

I hear that people see a rerun of their lives in the last 15 minutes of life. It’s sealing a bond before closure.

honor gist of time
experienced together
encore seals the bond


5 thoughts on “Encore

  1. Beautifully written, Reena! I remember Sara Jacobovici from LinkedIn and beBee. She shared some very interesting articles full of wisdom. She and Dr. Ali Anani used to have wonderful discussions on LinkedIn and beBee which I enjoyed reading.

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