Why is it unacceptable?

“I can handle dissent, not insanity,” the chauvinist speaks in a tone of assumed authority, which is not really his.

“What you term as insanity is an eruption of long-suppressed flames or instincts… at least you know what was brewing within.”

“Whatever is brewing is not acceptable to me or society…”

“Whatever is unacceptable arouses fear in you …fear of consequences or exposure. It challenges your power, but remember that you may go through the same phenomenon in the future –  blowing up to express yourself.”

The insane woman smiles as she initiates a new story – the response of her tormentors.

Written for Six Sentence Stories

23 thoughts on “Why is it unacceptable?

  1. Ya know, if you look at those words, “What is acceptable” it seems that they (the words and the message) are one of those secret traps that are so a part of life.
    Thing is, who is asking who?(or whom lol).
    Am I asking you to define what is acceptable to me or…worse am I pretending it is a rhetorical question when, in fact, I am waiting for the world around me (and the people who make it up) to provide me with the answer?

    Fritz Perls (one of the founders of the school of existential psychology) once said, ‘A question is the hook of a demand.’
    kinda makes sense

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