Recycled Wisdom

Her hesitation in crossing the threshold is understandable. 

She sees her future on the other side of the looking glass. Nobody likes being a has-been.

The old man steps back to speak to her.

“I’m grateful for being of some use to society. The substance in me is alive and red hot. It has taken years to build. How others decide to leverage it is their concern. If they derive value from re-inventing the wheel, it’s their choice. It will not devalue me in any way.”

She extends her hand out,

“Help me cross over with your expertise and experience.”

30 thoughts on “Recycled Wisdom

  1. I just thought how this story raises so many questions. We reach out with one hand and grasp the moment and let go with the other as we move from one sphere to another. If only it was that simple?

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  2. An interesting perspective. I’m imagining this woman as she lies in her bed, unresponsive, taking her last breaths, but having this internal conversation with a man “on the other side.” Cool story, Reena.

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