At the stroke of midnight

Wake up and move on … plan your day well …for nothing will change at the stroke of midnight

The sun will rise, chirping birds declare a new day … a cluster of souls around you … will you know if they are the same ones … from heaven or hell

Will that really matter, if you cannot change it … things will be what they are … as is, what is, wherever it is, in the blazing sun or starlight

Maybe your consciousness migrates, but who will know what you had planned for the day, and if you lived it well

The world shapeshifts as you know it … or do you …observing from different angles, from near or afar, never getting it right

Wake up to a different day, and plan your moves well .. for light or blight… for nothing will change at the stroke of midnight

Written for Six Sentence Stories


36 thoughts on “At the stroke of midnight

  1. The world is as different as each individual. How we “walk” through each day is the only way we can affect a change in our (personal) world, alter its landscape. (sorry, Reena! talking out loud to myself😉)
    It is true. You write some thought provoking Sixes!

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  2. very true about the conditioning of children’s developing minds by fairy tales (stories supposedly meant to entertain, when in fact, meant to train)…

    Surely this (magical improvement at the stroke of midnight) is the most insidious of these lessons that teach them that our only hope must come from without… a mere change in time and things will improve.

    that said, I can’t imagine there are many traditional fairy tales that hold, as we do at the Doctrine, that self-improvement begins with: appreciating how we relate ourselves to the world around us and the people who make it up.

    thought-provoking Six, as always!

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  3. I love that phrase–“nothing will change at the stroke of midnight”, you’ve painted it with a haunting quality, very appealing to the reader.

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