A step forward

Having reached there after a long, hard struggle matters. It matters less that only the way ahead is visible, not the destination.

Past experience says trouble can follow again. What if this path is not the right one? Is there an exit option available? Should he consult a few experts before taking the final decision?

Nobody seems to have answers. It is a risk each one of us undertakes at an appropriate time. It’s a part of life.

If it’s a part of life, then what is the fear about? There’s only life ahead to meet. It may not be the one he planned or fantasized about, but it is …LIFE.

What if it is not life?

Then, he has reached the destination. It is the end of a tumultuous journey to be welcomed.

He pushes open the gate and puts the right foot forward. 

Written for What Do You See hosted by Sadje


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