A Play

A play …by Aboli Mane

A Writer In The Room

Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Ronnie threw his skinny arms over his head and stretched. The playground sizzled in the heat of the summer sun. Ronnie could almost see the waves. The concrete under his sneakers was cracked and dry. 

The swings and the see-saws looked inviting but Ronnie didn’t feel like roasting his behind. The slide was a death trap, it would melt anyone’s skin off if one dared. Ronnie dribbled his football, his light brown hair matted to his forehead by the sweat. What a great summer! 

He wiped the sweat off on his orange tank top. Mama had driven him crazy, constantly asking him which summer class he’d like to join. To escape her inquisition Ronnie came to the playground. He walked to the shade of the big tree and busily dribbled his ball and practiced a few kicks.

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