Emotional Intelligence

“Do you remember how crazy he was about her, just a couple of years ago …. I’m taken aback by the venom he spews about her now, as if all the good in her evaporated in a storm?”

“There you are, Julie …. We are unaware of the storms that pass through the mind of a human being and how it changes perspectives.”

“Can perspectives be so fluid?”

“A perspective is about where I come from, and we stand on shifting sands called emotions. Each emotion changes us imperceptibly, noiselessly in a very small way, and turns us into the monster or saint we choose to become.”

“Only we focus more on developing emotional intelligence rather than thick textbooks in college… only if we could choose better every time an emotion sweeps through our existence…”

Written for Six Sentence Stories

13 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence

    1. Everything rolls back to mindfulness. We spend a major part of life on autopilot, repeating acts that we have perfected.

      I prefer to tweak recipes or change the accessories in an outfit in daily routines, just to get out of predictability.

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