Breaking Mirrors

I watch with disbelief

unidentifiable pieces
of a splintered self
mock and challenge
like ten heads of Raavan
never at peace
with each other
I search for the base
on which rest
pieces of a damaged psyche
Re-engineering too
needs a logic
in the face of bullets
flying from all sides
I redefine the self
but the logic shifts
every time
I try to justify the stance
of a particular piece
I break the mirror
let battles rage
Peace is something I fear
-It will reveal fallibility
of a thought process
I take pride in
-It will take away
my guns pointed at others
the power I revel in
Harmony scares
enemies might come together
to wage new battles again
compelling a new stance
a justification dance
as accusations
continue to rain
I’ll break the mirror
many more times

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