As We near Graduation — a Conversation we may hear!

As we near Graduation …. by Myrna

I Believe, BECAUSE -

Reena’a Xploration Challenge, my story about the image below.

Let’s Shake on that!

"Hey buddy, can you believe it's about that time we will graduate from this place, and have you given it any thought about what comes next?"

"I have many questions but no real answers; what about you?" "I have a myriad of ideas but just can't quite make up my mind about any of them"! "I say, ideas are like opinions; everyone has one, but an original scheme and how to execute it might be successful. "You're right; perhaps there are no more new ideas, so we need to find a better way to accomplish them!" "It is said that two heads are better than one, right! Why not sit down, and maybe we can together come up with a brilliant opportunity." "What the world needs is action, not another idea." "Today, all we see are…

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