I clearly see the reflection of outdoor greenery on the television screen, but can’t see her. 

Her handbag lies open on the couch. Where is she?

Am I turning voyeuristic? Yes, but into people’s minds.

I want to see if she turns towards the books or the long-stemmed giant red rose.

The last three visitors admired the rose, and I know they loved exclusivity.

But inclusion for me is a common thinking process – someone I include in my day-to-day reading routines. The color of grass and flowers is self-evident, but why is it so?

Am I asking for too much?


28 thoughts on “Inclusion

  1. Interesting. Many possible scenarios here. If I’m to apply it to myself, I would say I’m an inclusionist. By the red dots under that word on my screen, I see I’ve created a word :). Anyway, yes, I’m just as interested in the books and other articles in the room as I am in the rose.

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  2. It’s certainly not too much to ask, and the MC seems to have the watching routine well established. Who’d think of checking the reflection on the TV screen. I think she crouches behind the sofa so she can read the book titles on the lowest shelf. The judging can go both ways after all, and the books you read say something about you.

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