The form used is EP Johnson Quintet

The form is stanzaic, consisting of two or more quintets.

It is of Canadian origin.

The rhyme scheme is abbba accca…etc.

 (Indicating that the ending words of L1 and L5 are repeated in each stanza.)

It is syllabic: 8/9/9/9/8

Can this ever be home for me?
I look at teal and orange decor
declaring dramatic characters
those who live in these interiors
offend my refined pedigree

I guess they own the property
flaunting a dilapidated will
crudely, they tell me to go and chill
with my bouquet of white daffodils,
outdated sensibility

shocked to know they are family
I learn of ancient indiscretion
of dark ancestral apparitions
threatening a repeat rendition
shrill notes of discord surround me

Written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Prompt – Taste the Rainbow


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