Love Was There

Love was there …. by Mich Navajas


Day 29 of NaPoWriMo…one day to go and its over….

Love Was There

in an array of crowd i look for you
i look for your smile that obviously brightens my day
even in a room filled with massive people i still hear your voice that sends a loving signal into my heart
and oh, dear i smell you in every single perfume there is in the room.

and, i wonder.

even with the intriguing, interesting conversations i have i want a conversation with you, only you; for i felt more connection talking to you
i felt it especially in between our pauses and silence
i felt the agonizing need to say more, to talk more
i felt the excruciating pain of the need to say out loud why i want you, you of all the people around.

and, i wonder.

people come and people go, some we may have…

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