There is so much parking space, but she is not in her car today.

Delicious lunch in a small cafe, buying a glamor magazine and an intellectual book from the roadside vendor, followed by a lazy afternoon in the salon getting a facial done is her idea of pure bliss.

The road still looks deserted at 4 pm. She hails a cab to visit the club where she has put up her discarded belongings for sale.

Minimalism is letting go – shedding burdens to enjoy what you truly love doing. The world may see her as a hedonist. Who cares, anyway?

Written for Friday Fictioneers


25 thoughts on “Minimalist

  1. Do what makes you truly happy in your heart. It is a concept that I dearly love and try to adopt in my life. But I had a question when I initially read this: she is not in her car, which means she let go of that along with other things that she discarded. Is that correct?

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