In Situ

A television ad shakes us up, “You’ll never find a batch like ours – who never stepped out of the house to study, but did so while watching a father breathe with oxygen support, or a mother slogging invisibly to let the children find a quiet space.”

A friend is visiting, but she warns us that her two-year old is unruly, as he never had the opportunity to mingle with civilization.

I desperately want to ask these kids what freedom means to them. Is it a choice to stay home to watch a cartoon film, or experience the cool breeze and grass under their feet outside?

The trees that grow ‘in situ’ with no space to expand will bear a different fruit. Maybe they invent a different alphabet to write their stories – something like B.1.1.7,  P.1, XE and so on.

37 thoughts on “In Situ

  1. if one accepts the reality is perception, then how can we, those not raised in a world of pixels and keyboards, know the world as does this younger generation
    not judging but, as the Doctrine holds, ‘a worthy goal is to learn to see the world as the other person is experiencing it.
    thought-provoking post, as always!

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  2. Let us hope society never reaches that point!
    imo, man is not meant to live completely alone. Even those among us who can “be alone” still need some interaction, if only periodically, with others in order to grow, to be healthy.

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