Life’s Lessons

Life’s Lessons … by Sadje

Keep it alive


Choose any one or more from the list, or use it as inspiration to write your piece.

  1. Shelter In The Abyss
  2. Raised By Time
  3. Commanding My Past
  4. Fade Into The World
  5. Listening To The Mist
  6. Challenging The Fog
  7. Learning From The Depths
  8. Hunting The Sun
  9. Delaying the Immortals
  10. Confessions of the Dark


Learning From The Depths

Falling into an abyss 
Facing the dark all alone
Calling to my hidden strength
Learning from the depths
Rising again, rejuvenated
Life is a harsh teacher
But these lessons are our need


Written for RXC # 226, hosted by Reena



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