Decoding software

Where would the cellular biologists or astronomers or physicists be without their instruments? Science exists only because a tool to decipher whatever is invisible to the naked human eye exists.

And what do human beings do if they are unable to decode the laws of Nature, or nature of the Maker?

They devised their own tools, which developed into religion. There was no united, concerted effort which could unify the world. The story of an elephant and six blind men played out.

Now, comes Stage 2, where each inventor wants to validate his own discovery. At times, they need to discredit the other inventor to establish their supremacy.

The tools acquire supremacy over the objects they set out to observe and decode. The object is forgotten. 

Messages received from the objects are presented in a manner to support previous hypotheses. Conclusions should not be such that they render all your work meaningless.

Do we blame the inventors and researchers for it?


I don’t know why the Maker did not make its intentions and rules transparent? What is so secret about it?

What will the Maker gain by letting human beings go round in circles, not reaching anywhere and feel powerless. It only compels them to redefine power in their way, which is not in line with the Maker’s intent.

Confusion galore, but why?

My brain is not designed to receive an answer.


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