A ‘Slasher’ Existence

Empowered Women

The legendary Roshan Abbas referred to himself as a‘slasher’in one of the events he hosted. The term may have negative connotations coming from American horror films, but he gave it an interesting twist. It was just meant to describe his various facets — radio jockey (Slash)/ theatre artist (Slash)/TV anchor (Slash) /writer (Slash)/director (slash)/emcee (slash)/impresario.

I was sure, impressed by the impresario. And the various connotations of the word, in describing a personality.

1. The Multitaskers

Do the multitaskers handle several jobs at once, or keep switching from one task to another ? Are we taxing the brain too much, and letting perfection suffer in an effort to be over-efficient ? The neural networks in a part of the brain ‘light up’, when they get involved in a thought, and remain so for sometime. The efficiency of multi-tasking depends on how fast do we get back to the…

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