Packing a life

“I can’t leave this behind”. She wailed.

“But why? It’s not easy to lug it around, when movement is uncertain.”

“My grandma enjoyed the outdoors with us on this chair – in the garden, on the beach and wherever our fancy would take us.”

“I’m sure you don’t want her to see fire raining from a war-torn sky.”

“She already did. She is no more with us.”

He looked pensive. They’ll carry essentials to be refugees in a foreign land, but the memories of more will always haunt.

Grandma won’t be happy seeing us like this, with or without the chair.


33 thoughts on “Packing a life

  1. The TV images of broken-hearted refugees fleeing Ukraine stays with me. Especially touching is where the family have their dog or cat with them. Poor country. Your story captures the feeling well.

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  2. Reena,
    What terrible choices to have to make, what to bring and what to leave. You see images of refugees with the oddest things but there is memories and value attached to things that we cannot see. Who knows what I would take in that situation. Sad, but I loved the story.

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