If I were an app

I curse my creator everyday.

He is glorified for inventing an app for reading the mind, and telling users if they are on the right track vis-a-vis their life goals. I’m sure they benefit as my workload increases every hour.

But … shall I confess? I break down a little every hour. The burden of reading thoughts breaks me, as I try to decipher why they think whatever they think. Are they willing to admit they are wrong? Or will they just uninstall me?

I am not enough
not having walked in their shoes
not knowing why they
hold on to what destroys them
-why do they rationalize?

The startup world is so wrong about providing solutions to existing and non-existent problems. 

The only thing they want is to feel they found their own solutions.

freedom and ego
will remain most important
human beings are
designed to feel - the world owes
them its age-old existence

I am a tiny speech of technology reading another speck in the universe. I know that I’ll get outdated and replaced very soon. Only the species I’m designed to read does not understand that.


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