Meeting Truth

“Have you heard the story where Truth and Lies go for a swim in a pond? Lies jumps out and disappears wearing Truth’s clothes. Since then, Lies masquerade as Truth all over, and Truth is too embarrassed to come out of the pond.”

“What makes you think of the parable now?”

“Well, I met Truth yesterday. He says you deserve what you get if you value people by the clothes they wear. It’s your soul that disappeared from well-camouflaged bodies.”

“How did you meet Truth?”

“I bared my soul and am willing to admit that I made a mistake.”


17 thoughts on “Meeting Truth

  1. Good one Reena! Sometimes truth can hurt so we stay quiet. Like telling a friend her singing sucks, or that the orange blouse doesn’t suit her. I don’t have a friend who wears orange and can’t sing. It’s just an example! 😐

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