“The paints have different textures, so they won’t blend,” my friend looks hassled as she struggles with her brushes and an old canvas for trials.

“Are you trying to invent a new art form, without a different set of tools?”

“Not really, just that I couldn’t find the colors I needed in the same brand.”

‘Would you still complain about the generational conflict in your family?”

“And how is that linked to paints?” She looks at me mockingly.

“Aren’t expectations of natural harmony too high, when personalities are inherently different, and you’ve not been trained how to deal with it?”

Written for Six Sentence Stories prompt by Denise Farley


43 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Valid question at the end. However, it might be helpful to first consider the expectation(s), then at the person who is the object of those expectations. Tricky business, especially in families and is ultimately a true test of how well we know a person.

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  2. perhaps the main obstacle to interpersonal harmony is that (most) people insist on keeping secret the musical score they are playing from and, even more so, prefer to being playing with the lights off so that no player can be sure what song the other wants to hear

    or something.
    thought-provoking as usual

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