It’s time to….

it’s time to stop
taking things for granted

when a virus
in the air
Is touted as 
the greatest unifier
for the world -
but fire from skies
divides it again

it’s time to look for
hidden shades

color wheels 
do not include
all colors of human psyche
undefined hues 
will always spring up,
changing values
will tint perspectives

it’s time to look for
cracks in consciousness

which destroy structures
to superimpose
its own broken 
maps of thought
supported by 
convoluted logic
of absolute power

it’s time to tell the kids
they need to be whole

to change the shape 
of human thought
to take off at tangents
from circular patterns
like a comet
which bring awareness
of other worlds

it’s time to stop looking at stars
and reconnect with the Earth

7 thoughts on “It’s time to….

  1. A fabulous poem, Reena! This speaks volumes about today’s world and yes, “it’s time to tell the kids they need to be whole”. The comments in Ivor’s poem related to children and how they are remarkably resilient, however, I feel the impact of chaos on formidable minds may cause suffering later on in their lives.

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