A piece of scarce pie – one at a time

It’s election time. Freebies flow down the gutter.

Every candidate offers something, and for once, the voters have a right to accept or reject.

“Why did you pick up that scholarship, son?”

“It will help my career, unlike the other things you’ll consume.”

“The money is not enough to pay for the entire course.”

“It still helps. Anything free helps afford something else you can buy.”

“Well, that’s sound logic.”

“It’s the only logic, when the pie is too small to suffice, yet is distributed free …. to see who grabs it, and can be fodder for the next.”

The story is written for Story Challenge in 99 words at Carrot Ranch.

Search engines led me to another fabulous piece of fiction, which kind of became a supporting prompt for me. Do spare 10 minutes to watch this rivetting short film.


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