Putting the alphabets together in several different combinations, do not lend the right words to become building blocks of stories.

She realizes that repetition of some alphabets is necessary to make sense. One needs to allow them to collaborate, to become meaningful enough to express your thoughts. Did we invent language, or only the alphabet? Is it geared to a specific need for expression – expression of something we are born with, but need external means to manifest it in the world.

But then, something peculiar happens. Words and expressions create mental images, and start influencing our thought process. We remember images and think in words. The dependence is mutual.

I see them dancing
holding hands to make a shape
hunting for spaces
to fit themselves to make sense
in recognizable forms

Every script and language leaves spaces in between – to be filled up with imagination.

Every image can be translated to words – to describe, interpret, glorify or condemn it. Every word can inspire an artist to paint. Alphabets are nothing but images. That is how we remember and memorize them. We actually learn to draw, when we learn to write.

I learnt to
hold tools the right way
draw a shape
meet the world
where language began
to start communicating

She dreams of a code which will bring together alphabets from different languages to create something new. Will it destroy cohesiveness? Will our world come unglued, or more inclusive? Will it open up avenues to understand the other person’s reality better?

We don’t want to do it, because it destroys comfort zones. It will destabilize the thrones of perceived perfection where  we’ve installed ourselves. The unfamiliar is considered to be an invader.


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