The Power of 10

I choose to write in both the syllabic poetry forms specified by Laura Bloomsbury in MTB – Numbering Ten


when you meet awesomeness, acknowledge it
I wonder why some people criticize
life opens windows to learn, don't miss it
if you can master something, why surmise
for all I know, it's envy in disguise
they look in mirrors, hear only echoes
anything better than them, they despise
I like to walk in, and touch the rainbows
to reach depths of wisdom, discard shallows
It's my mission statement, the path I chose


still - till
sunlight strikes
destroys darkness
or just overpowers it till twilight

make your move when opportunity smacks
night will arrive
without fail

what comes goes
around - choose paths
to go where you want to go - not beyond

15 thoughts on “The Power of 10

  1. SMiLes Dear Reena Lighting Rainbows
    Now Spreading Colors Beyond Before
    Never Viewed A Way



    Of Peace
    Exhales of Love Now
    Coloring Our Worlds
    All So Differently

    Mountain Low
    Now Valley High

    What is a Distance
    Tween Naked Enough
    Whole Complete Truly

    Only Lifting Others Up
    From WHere THere is no
    Higher or Lower Just Being
    All We Can Will Do Newer Now..:)

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      1. Hehe Reena my Entire 10.2
        MiLLioN Word Long
        Form Poem Blog i
        Name “SonG oF
        mY SoUL” Is
        A Copy
        And Paste
        Of All The Global
        Poetic Responses
        In Comments Just
        Like This For The Last
        102 Months Yes An Average
        Of 100,000 Words A Month

        A Meditative
        Practice in Autotelic
        Flow Generating Bliss
        Within Inherent Reward
        Indeed Along With 16,313
        Miles of Public Dance in the

        Same Span
        Of 102 Months
        Just A ReTirement
        Hobby of Staycationing


        As Flow
        Night And Day🙏☺️🙌🏝

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