The Peak

I am —– (a symbol or metaphor) so that ———- (whatever I can do or help others do) to —— (its impact on the world)

I wrote this sentence at least 10  times  after being in different states of meditation.

Somebody introduced me to genome mapping, which claims to tell me what should be the purpose of my life.

Past life regression therapists say we may either carry forward our mission from past lives, or do something exactly opposite, depending on lessons learnt.

All paths do not lead to the same peak, as I discovered after multiple sessions in varied moods.

Ultimately, I go by instinct…just do the things that make me happy.

When I say I don’t want to reach the top, there is a doubt lurking somewhere that I may not reach there. And who says, there is only one well-defined top, acceptable to and recognised by all. The top may just be my best state of being. And that’s enough. I am enough.

If the path is flawed, I will never reach the top. 

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