Fight Or Flight

Fight or Flight ….by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

War is at the doorstep.  What do you expect me to do?  Putin is a thug, a bully and an asshole and he is not going to stop till he gets what he wants.  In 2014, Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine and now he wants the rest of the country.  Most of Russia’s territory belongs to the Asian continent, but most of the country’s people reside in Europe.  Russia is the strongest nation in Europe, as their military power includes a million-armed men, thousands of nuclear-tipped and conventional ballistic and cruise missiles, and they have the largest Navy of any European nation.  We don’t know how crazy Russian President Vladimir Putin is, but we do know that he will keep on acting like a playground bully, till someone stands up to him.  Putin runs a country of 144 million people that happens to have a…

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