Sketchy Characters – Reflections

Sketchy characters – Reflections ….by Artie

Artie & Stu

“You remember me, don’t you Artie?” she asked, approaching grabbing my arm gently as if we’d always known each other. I’d just seen her for lunch the day before and it’d been 8 wild days since she spied me in the alley around the corner from Lisa Lund’s Gin Joint, her wearing a clingy gray barely there that matched my wool flat cap. My new straight leg blue jeans didn’t know what they were in for when I’d picked them off the shelf earlier and my lucky plain black rayon dress shirt didn’t know what kind of luck was in store. “Sure Saskia, how could I forget you?” I said. “See, I told you we were going to be friends!” she perked. I resisted calling her Sally, after all, everyone should have the right to reinvent themselves now or again if needed. But I couldn’t get the photo of her…

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