Let yesterday’s thoughts lie in the graveyards they belong to. What is true is only the here and now.

The writer’s block hits at this moment, and a white screen stares at her.

“Your truth feels blank at times, but remember it is infinity – with the potential to take you ahead,” the lines from her grandmother’s last letter blinks in neon on consciousness, “I never did wear a shabby dress, nor entertained a shabby thought.”

She wonders how Grandma completes her thoughts at times. Surely, there is perfection on the other side, and she needs to wait for her turn.

15 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. The thought expressed by your first sentence is not always such an easy thing to do. And I totally agree, the here and now is truly all we have. The only verifiable reality.
    Your Six gives me much to ponder, Reena. Thank you.

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  2. therein lies the unbridgeable chasm between the infinite and ‘non-infinite’

    just as the saying maintains, ‘darkness is the absence of light’ one might say, ‘perfection (as referenced in your Six) is the absence of conscious discrimination. after all (lol) if one thing is everything, were we able to see it, it would surely be a blank white ;screen’.

    of course, the challenge of the ‘here and now’ is to strengthen our faith (in the persistence of the soul) enough to let go of the everyday mind’s insistence on checking our progress as insurance against failure.

    thought- provoking Six, as always

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