Enigma ….by Sadje

Keep it alive


The words to lead your piece for this week are

  1. unknowable
  2. unexplainable


Knowledge is the driving force of my mind
I need to know the logic behind all that I believe
Even my faith has to satisfy my thirst for knowing
What then is unknowable or unexplainable in my world?

Like the zen philosophers, I wouldn’t want to know
What serves no purpose in this world or the hereafter
What I cannot comprehend because it is too big an idea
To fit into the confines of my tiny brain, remains unexplained

Is this a paradox, a contradiction that I proclaim?
I call it a practical and pragmatic approach to learning
I know what I need or want to know and strive for it
But what is hidden from my eyes and mind, remains
An enigma, tantalizing and exciting, always in the distance

Written for RXC # 215…

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