The polygamous woman. Poetic prose.


the breaking of established rules,

or destruction of accepted beliefs

Xploration challenge

It is a common conception that a man can love many women,
And a woman like me, should only love one man…
But is it my fault that they all love me,
And that I love them…

One, whose embrace thrusts me into realms of unbridled ecstasy
Whose slightest touch ripples through my body –
butterflies that send my heart racing
And tingles of desire that arouse my deepest primal lust

A second, whose words lubricate my mind
Such that it churns with ideas and imagination
Such that each thought is an epiphany
And each rumination improves me.
For my world can never be dull with him.

And then there’s a third
We hardly speak, but for lone sequestered words
Words weighted with such consummacy that I become addicted.
We barely touch, but for a graze…

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7 thoughts on “The polygamous woman. Poetic prose.

  1. I believe you can love more than one person in many different ways. I do not hold to the concept that there’s only one for one. It’s impossible for one person to meet the needs of another completely. That being said, cheating is never acceptable. Both parties must not only accept the unconventional arrangement but embrace it, otherwise it can not work.

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