The Bear

The Bear – an informative piece by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

Iconoclasm is a breaking of established rules or destruction of accepted beliefs.  The Grateful Dead probably broke a lot of rules and they have been called the world’s most iconic improvisational band by some and that is because in essence they played free form music which allowed them to jam.  It’s often said that no two Grateful Dead shows were ever the same, although many shoes were similar, they never used the same setlist.  They played over 37,000 songs live in some 2,300 concerts over their 30-year career.  Just by mentioning their name, people will think of psychedelic tie-dyed clothes, dancing bears, and rose-garlanded skeletons.  Their music is understood by individuals that refer to themselves as Deadheads with a particular type of mind.  The idea of the Grateful Dead was to bring the freedom of creative movement and fluidity as an artform within the context of a rock band that involved audience participation and many…

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