Thesaurus to Thesis

-shades of meaning
allude to the same thing
draw lines
between bonds
-sever ties
of faith and trust
till truth disintegrates
Lets the Devil fly…

graveyards of memory
release ghosts
to invade life
incapacitate the living
block forward motion
Burn all bridges, till
there is nothing left
to struggle for or vie

let the thesaurus consolidate
into a thesis
printed in monochrome
Black is black
White is white
No rainbows
No grey clouds
just a clear sky

moments not open to
conjecture or
in human minds
Let truth prevail
Let trust prevail
Let the world prosper
Or let it all die…

10 thoughts on “Thesaurus to Thesis

  1. the printed word slipping its meanings, shifting perspectives, alluding to the same thing but differently – a very nice summation of Thesaurus and perhaps we can learn from it that truth, however conceived, is not written in stone

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